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More Visitors Means More Sales

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is what we do best at 442 Online Marketing. We believe that it is not necessary to use expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising but that it is better & much more cost effective to harness the higher level of trust that users have in the natural search engine listings.

We aim to maximise the number of times that our clients are returned on the first page of any search, where there is a good match between what the user is looking for & our client can offer.

We build bridges between buyers & sellers by providing great search results where our clients’ products & services can meet the needs of the user who is looking to satisfy that need using the internet.

We will use proprietary software tools & our own in depth expert knowledge to get you the enquiries that you are looking for. We will publish targeted Google friendly content on the world wide web that will help new customers find  you.

Let us do all the hard work in getting the content of your website right & providing high quality links in large volumes such that first page rankings on the major search engines will naturally follow!

At 442 Online Marketing, we can achieve all of this at a very cost effective price because we keep our overheads low, which means that more of your investment goes into making the internet work better for your business!

Google Friendly Websites to Suit All Budgets

442 Online Marketing offers great looking websites that don’t cost the earth. The internet is what the majority of people use these days to source a new supplier or refer back to a company they have previously dealt with.

Your website is your internet public face & it is vital that it represents your business properly.

We will get a full understanding of your business & create a website that:-

  • looks the part
  • is filled with compelling content
  • is easy to use

but most of all helps deliver the right customers for your business.

Creating the right image for your company is important & we’ll work really hard on that…..but most importantly, we’ll produce content, that in conjunction with the backlinks that we will create for you, will help new & existing customers find your company!

Experts in SEO, Marketing, Lead Generation and Design

442 Online Marketing was founded in 2005 by Mark Eckersall.

Mark has varied and considerable experience in marketing, having been Sales and Marketing manager for Altrincham Football Club.  Previously he had managed a call centre for a major mail order retailer, having worked his way up through the company’s Sales team, Helpline, Customer Service and Email Department, through to working in the Finance Department and returning to manage the call centre he started in.

Mark had also previously set up & operated a successful luxury catering business with his wife  & soon discovered that the internet was king in terms of generating quality enquiries & a key enabler of business growth.

Mark concentrated on the website side of the operation and this grew the company into a dominant force for all the major search terms for clients looking for chocolate fountains for corporate events or weddings.

His interest in how the major search engines worked developed into a personal passion & during the last six years, he has worked with a number of businesses in Greater Manchester to improve their Search Engine Optimisation.

All of these businesses are achieving excellent SEO results & in December 2010, Mark invited Brian Flynn to join him to help take 442 Online Marketing to the next stage of its development.

Brian has a wealth of Sales & Marketing knowledge, most notably from his 24 years working with a major player in the advertising industry where he progressed from an initial sales role, through middle management & finally 15 years in Senior Management roles.

Brian also has many years experience in dealing with the media through his role as Press Officer for Altrincham Football Club.

The combination of Mark’s technical skills and SEO knowledge combined with the sales and customer service skills that Brian brings means customers stay with 442 Online Marketing.

Contact the Team for a Fast and Friendly Response

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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Head Office:

442 Online Marketing,

12 Cranbourne Close,



WA15 6LR

Telephone: 0161 610 1193

Whatever your enquiry, please call Brian Flynn on :-

0161 610 1193 (Landline) or

07860 561011 (Mobile)

Or email directly to  brian@perryonlinemarketing.com